Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

civil-litigationThe attorneys at the Law Office of Sanford Friedman, LLC, represent clients in all types of civil litigation, including but not limited to contract actions, consumer protection actions, real estate disputes, injunctions and temporary restraining orders, lease actions and other complex disputes. The attorneys have over thirty years of experience in litigating these matters including actions in the courts, arbitrations, and engaging in alternative dispute resolution including mediation.

Whether being represented as a plaintiff or defendant, the attorneys at the Law Office of Sanford Friedman, LLC will work to achieve your desired goals.

Professional Liability

In their thirty years of practice, the attorneys at The Law Office of Sanford Friedman, LLC have worked to protect the rights of individuals injured by professional malpractice including medical negligence.  The attorneys have represented both the victims of medical negligence as well as those professionals accused of negligence.  Representation of both plaintiffs and defendants in these matters creates a unique perspective in which the attorneys are better able to evaluate the nature of the dispute to achieve the optimal result for the client, either through litigation or alternative dispute resolution.

Insurance Law

The attorneys at the Law Office of Sanford Friedman, LLC have represented insurers in all types of insurance disputes including first party insurance claims, coverage disputes, declaratory judgment actions, and property damages disputes.  The attorneys have represented insurance carriers throughout the region in the federal and state courts of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia in resolving these disputes.

Personal Injury

The attorneys at the Law Office of Sanford Friedman, LLC have represented personal injury victims in all types of actions including automobile and trucking claims, premises liability, wrongful death actions, catastrophic injuries, and other personal injury claims.  The attorneys work closely with personal injury victims and their families to prosecute their claims to achieve the best possible results, including recovery of past and future medical expenses, past and future wage loss, non-economic damages and damages for loss of consortium.  The attorneys will work to achieve these results through early preparation, and negotiation, alternative dispute resolution, and litigation, if necessary.